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Embedded Components developes technical programs and kits designed for makers and users of components and tools.

Technical Kits

Our technical kits may be used by embedded engineers to quickly learn about a particular subject. These kits also serve as an example of how ECI can: 1) help embedded component and tool vendors present their value proposition using multimedia delivered via the Internet, 2) take advantage of public speaking skills to convey complex technical messages in a way that is easy to understand and remember by the target audience, and 3) managing partnerships that lead to customer appreciation.


Device Driver Design: using the IMMR to access PPC I/O

Device Driver Design: using the internal memory map register (IMMR) to access input and output (I/O), targeting a PowerPC (MCP860 PowerQUICC™) microprocesor's Communication Processor Module (CPM) provides 3 vital techniques to the embedded engineering community. First we demonstrate how to use an instruction set simulator to design basic features for a driver. Second, we use the new driver to instrument a real-time operating system for schedulability analysis with a logic analyser. Third we show the value of having your vendors working together as partners so the several tools and components used in an embedded project work well together.

Watch the free 5 minute video presentation to get an overview of the 3 vital techniques offered by this kit. Purchase the complete kit, originally used as an exhibit for DesignCon conference presented by Ron Fredericks, which includes source code and detailed description of how to mix assembler and C in designing and testing a PowerQUICC device driver for a real-time operating system or kernel. The details will be useful when working with current PowerQUICC communications processors offered by Freescale™ Semiconductor.

PowerQUICC and Freescale Semiconductor are trademarks of Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

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Ultimate Demo Chassis

By "Ultimate Demo Chassis " we mean that we can find new ways to demonstrate your component or tool integrated with partner products to enhance your market position while pointing out specific features and benefits so your prospects and clients can understand the value propostion of your product within the larger context of a solution to a problem.

Build a chasis to demonstrate a network file system as one of several embedded features of a single board computer.

Parts list and design notes to duplicate example #1's project for sales team



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