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     Embedded Components, Inc. offers this breakthrough “how to” technical kit to the embedded developer community. The video demonstration introducing this technical kit is an example of ECI's exceptional ability to use multimedia to highlight the value of several embedded tools and components vendors partnering together. The end result is that developers can achive faster time to market and improved reliablity of their end products.
    Quickly learn how to design embedded applications that take advantage of Freescale's PowerQUICC communications processor module, the PowerPC core, and the interface between these two processing units using the MPC860 as an example.
     First we demonstrate the advantages of using an instruction set simulator to design, code, and verify device driver functionality. Next we demonstrate one method to incorporate the device driver onto a single board computer supporting multiple application threads scheduled by a typical real-time operating system. Finally we demonstrate how to test the the real-time performance of this device driver using a logic analyzer.
     Ron Fredericks led the dairy and food manufacturing quality control and laboratory information management initiatve in California. The effort lead to the automation of milk testing for farmers' cooperatives, government regulators, processing plants, and 3'rd party payment labs. Ron discovered the power and advantages of fostering effective partnerships during this process. He later participated as a senior embedded engineer in the team effort to automate saftey critical nuclear energy plant process management and control systems. In both cases, Ron's embedded designs are still in use today nationally and internationally. Ron is now the president and CEO of ECI with the dual pupose goal of 1) lowering the marketing and sales costs that embedded component and tool vendors must typically spend to reach end users, and 2) elimination of the many gaps between multiple tool and component vendor products that are responsible for the abnormally high cost of developing embedded devices.
    Purchase this technical kit to enjoy and utilize higly effective techniques that simplify the otherwise complex problem of building a device driver that meets hard real-time performance requirments.

: Device Driver Design: using the internal memory map register (IMMR) to access input and output (I/O), targeting a PowerPC (MCP860 PowerQUICC™) microprocesor's Communication Processor Module (CPM)
: Ron Fredericks
: 2004
Product ID
: Embedded Components, Inc.
: Electronic Download (19 megabyte zip file), Requires commonly available unzip utility and Adobe Reader version 5.0 or later
Stock Status
: In Stock
: 49 pages of documentation + source code in C and assembler
Contents of Kit
: 25 pictures in two PDF documents, 5 minutes of video in Windows Media Player v.9 and Apple QuickTime Player v.6 formats, C source and header files, makefile, end user agreement, and a readme first text file
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: N/A
: $50.00


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