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Introduction to CIFS network file sharing protocol
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This lecture targets the embedded system developer, network engineer, and OEM device architect. The lecture introduces the CIFS protocol, why the time is right for CIFS deployment on every embedded device that includes a network stack, and how to migrate your existing application code from proprietary network data sharing (or no data sharing) to the CIFS open standard.

When you finish watching this lecture, you will have a clear introduction to the power of file sharing between Windows, UNIX, and other CIFS enabled embedded devices.

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: Introduction to the Common Internet File System (CIFS):
Leverage the Power of this Popular Network File Sharing Protocol
: Ron Fredericks
: Visuality Systems, Inc.; Embedded Components, Inc.
: 2006


: n/a
: CIFS (CIFS NQ by Visuality Systems)
: n/a
Key Words and Phrases
: Automotive Control Software, Avionics Control Software, Browser Host Announcement Mechanism, CIFS, CIFS NQ, Client-Server Architecture, Common Internet File System, Distributed Computation, Embedded Devices, Embedded Linux, Embedded Operating Systems, Embedded Software, Ethernet, File Sharing, File Sharing Protocol, IEEE 802.2, Industrial Devices, Internet Protocol, IP, Linux Operating System, Microsoft Windows, My Network Places, NetBIOS, Network File Sharing, Network Neighborhood, Network Stack, Network Quick, Networking, Operating System, Printer Sharing, Real-Time, Real-Time Operating Systems, Ron Fredericks, RTOS, Sam Widerman, Samba, Shared Message Block, SMB, TCP, ThreadX, Transmission Control Protocol, UDP, Unix Operating Systems, User Datagram Protocol, Visuality Systems, VxWorks, Wind River
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: Approved: 6/27/06
: 9 slides, 8 minutes of audio
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: ECI20060301001
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