Embedded Components and Tools Marketplace™ 

The Embedded Components and Tools Marketplace is an interactive multimedia-rich distance learning portal and social media network dedicated to innovative component and tool reuse within the embedded systems and device manufacturing community.

Figure 1: EmbeddedComponents.com Marketplace Distance Learning Portal

EmbeddedComponents.com organizes lectures into learning centers based on LectureMaker™ technology. Our distance learning syllabus for current and future lectures focuses on all embedded components and tools useful to OEM’s. See Figure 1: EmbeddedComponents.com Marketplace Distance Learning Portal for an overview of how it works. The result is that users can search, log in, and interact with a community of engineers and vendors without time constraints using a growing number of learning centers.

CMP's eeProductCenter review of EmbeddedComponents.com LectureMaker service: Web conference service defies time constraints
LectureMaker from Embedded Components, Inc. (ECI) is an on- and off-line Web conferencing and demonstration service that accommodates attendees even after the actual meeting ends. The service combines streaming multimedia, an interactive blog, transcript recording, print engine, and, to help locate qualified sales leads, a record of visitors. Billed as a general-purpose sales and presentation tool, LectureMaker serves
as a full-featured foundation for marketing embedded systems and components, for use even by those who are unaccustomed to presenting in public. - 2005 CMP Media LLC

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