ECI Launces Cycles of Efficiency™ (CoE) Program    


Boston, Mass. – September 12, 2005 – Embedded Components Incorporated (ECI) today launched a new online community providing the industry's first interactive web service for matching up users, makers, and enablers of embedded technology.  This new site was unveiled to the industry for the first time at ESC Boston. 

Based on ECI's proprietary Cycles of Efficiency (CoE) concept, the site opens the door to true partnership between all participants in product development creating an effective supply chain ecosystem for the embedded systems market .  Using the ECI site - developers, vendors, service providers, and observers of the embedded technology world can review, discuss, request, promote, use or reuse software and hardware components in a single environment.

ECI has offered component supply chain management, integrated business and technology consulting, virtual staffing, marketing, and research for the past three years to the embedded systems community. “ECI’s new marketplace match-making service is a natural extension to our service offering born as a result of our pragmatic solutions offered to our clients”, said Ron Fredericks, president of ECI.

Whether a company is a component maker or a component user, engineering professionals and business managers must jointly decide to purchase, build the hardware and software components required, or form a partnership with another maker or enabling service to manufacture their new product. That process is more than likely an internal, ad hoc effort that eliminates many potentially lucrative options.

The Embedded Components and tools Resource Center™ hosted on ECI’s web site unifies these engineering processes and their related business practices into Cycles of Efficiency promoting competitive solutions based on reusable components, development tools, and professional services, readily available within the world-wide embedded community.

Finding, using, and reusing these components, tools, and services built by experts in their field, from multiple vendors, from world-wide sources, within Cycles of Efficiency insures quality technical support and maintenance updates that fixes bugs and provides new features just in time to meet your requirements.

The results of using this community web service include the realization of the often heard yet not fully realized phrases such as: faster time to market, increased profit or increased market share strategy and purchasing or selling components with better, or best practice licensing terms.

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